Lightwave Summer School

Summer School Bosnian Pyramids 2018

Welcome to Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina

There is a very special place in the former Yugoslavian country Bosnia-Herzegovina. This place is called Visoko, half an hour drive from the capital Sarajevo. What makes this place so special? There are pyramids. Not just small and insignificant pyramids. No, these pyramids are big. The pyramid of the Sun is the biggest in the world. The have been discovered by Dr. Sam Osmanagich. He created the biggest archeological site in the world supported by volunteers, who excavate the different sites. It is such an open project, people from all over the planet travel during Spring and Summer to participate.

The different places and sites are magical. Magical in energy. The tunnel system into the direction of the pyramid of the sun is very healing due to the high value of Bovis frequenties. Many people with diseases are coming on a regular base to be in the healing vibrations of the tunnels. And they do heal!

There is more. Dr. Sam Osmanagich created a fabulous park across the entrance of the tunnels. This park is accessible for everyone who likes to have a beautiful walk in a very energetic scenery. The park is filled with power places and you can walk there for hours.

Wouldn’t you be interested in visiting Visoko, feel and experience these spots, have a fabulous time and learn something new you can use in your every day to day life, even if you are back home? Come to the Lightwave Summer school and join us for a full week. Being in the presence of the pyramids, the energies, wonderful people and learn a healing modality, must be a very attractive Summer.


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