Over Lightwave

Lightwave is developed by Dominicus Hettinga and Thea Boven. They found each other in the love and passion to assist the world in this huge transitional process. They offer support on a personal level and guide everyone into their awakening process. As a team they work together, combining the male and female energies to create balance.


Dominicus is a higher schooled therapist and a very experienced spiritual therapist. He has a tool box filled with beautiful possibilities to guide and inspire people in there awakening process. He is a master inspiration to many others pur sang.

Thea started her practice as a Naturopath in 1986. Throughout the years she developed as an energy healer. Now she carries a treasure filled with knowledge , ready to share it with others. Her passion is making people aware about physical, emotional and mental processes and how to heal them. 

The changing world demands a different vision on health, happiness and well being. People start to wake up, become more aware and conscious about the world they live in. Individuals are challenged to renew their vision, and develop a solid base and attitude. To achieve that Lightwave is guiding every person to their own essence. This a journey of awareness. To reach this awareness freedom is established. In freedom it is easier to make conscious choices from the heart, to live from the heart and vice versa. 

Lightwave inspires people who they truly are.